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Plants can Eliminate Insects
Marigold flowers
Are you sick and tired of those mosquitoes? Try planting marigolds, sweet basil, citronella grass, lemon thyme, geranium, sassafras or yarrow. Mosquitoes seem to dislike them! Keep a look out for standing water. This creates a breeding ground for them. Old tires, small pools, or even buckets or pots can become a playground for mosquitoes.
Ant or Termite? Can you tell?
Is it a termite or an ant? The termite is on the left and the ant is on the right side of the photo. Termites have 2 body parts: a head and a long body. Ants have 3 distinct body segments: head, abdomen, and thorax. Ants have bent antenna. Termites have beaded antenna, somewhat straight. Both can have four wings, but termites have wings of equal length. Ants can look like wasps. Termites usually swarm in large numbers around March and April. Termites eat wood and carpenter ants don't, but carpenter ants eat termites. Trees that have numerous ants or termites are probably declining or dying for other reasons. Termites feed on moist and decaying wood. Ants like to make a home in moist or decaying wood.
Meet our Arborist
Our Certified Arborist, Felicia is a member of the International Society of Arboriculture, Indiana Arborist Association, Society of Commercial Arboriculture and Arboricultural Research and Education Academy. She is also a licensed pesticide applicator in the State of Indiana. If she doesn't know the answer right away she will find out for you. She has numerous contacts at Purdue University. Going to seminars and educational classes is a constant for her. She always tries to stay informed about the latest breakthroughs in the treatment of trees and care. If you would like to set up a consultation with her, call the office at 317-372-1297.
Trimming is Important

Trees are trimmed for many reasons. Many times people trim them to look better or remove limbs from the roof or gutters. They also need to be trimmed for health and structure. Dead, diseased and broken branches must be removed. Insects and disease will come along if they are left in the tree. Also, fruiting trees are thinned and pruned to produce larger, better fruit. All trees can be thinned to increase light and air movement. This helps battle disease in wet rainy years and breakage in storms. Also, if you are having trouble getting your grass to grow, thinning might help.

Young trees sometimes need to be pruned to maintain a good branch structure. If limbs are rubbing together, this is a problem. If you have too many limbs in one place, this is also a problem. Trees that are properly maintained, add value to your home. They can also cut down on heating and cooling costs. Maintain them now to prevent removal costs.

Why Remove Dead Branches

Can you spot the dead branches? They are the branches without leaves, of course. How do we do this in the winter, you ask? Well, that is where experience helps. We can always tell if a branch is dead or alive. But we can climb the tree or use the bucket truck, whereas the homeowner may not always be able to do this. Do you have a tree within reach? Bend a branch that you think is dead. If it snaps off, it’s definitely dead.   

Watch for Decay & Why

This tree has extensive decay. It has a large canker and brown conks at the bottom of the tree. Conks are fruiting structures and signs of plant disease. This tree had been declining for some time and was removed. One thing to remember is that trees don't usually die overnight. Many times it takes months to years for a homeowner to notice that the tree is looking bad, when all along it had been declining for a very long time. Many times cankers can be prevented. Don't let weeds eat around the tree. Instead, use 2-3 inches of mulch around the base of the tree.

24 Hour Service/365 Days

We work all year long. Call us if you have an emergency. We will come out in the middle of the night if you need. We have removed many trees from cars and homes due to wind and ice storms.

Equipment to Handle Big Jobs

They are not afraid of heights! We don't use ladders to trim your trees, either. You say that you have a 110-foot pine tree that needs to be removed? No problem! Trimming all of the Indianapolis Public Schools is just one of the many customers that we have. Check out our references on the Better Business Bureau.​

Approved Trimming Practices

I am proud to say that we have the best crew in the state. We don't use spurs to trim your trees. Our company does not top trees! We rake your yard before we leave. Our trimming practices are approved by the American National Standards Institute. If you have a question about the health of your tree, call our Certified Arborist. If there is something that she cannot answer right away, she can send it to the lab for analysis or get the answer for you.

Prevent Landscape Issues

This Hawthorn was infected with a fungus called cedar quince rust. This fungus requires two plant hosts, one in the cypress family and one in the rose. Example: Juniper and Hawthorn. The fungus causes the twigs to be swelled, distorted and dieback. The fruit is also deformed and breaks out in orange spores. It is recommended to either spray the "rose" plant or remove the Cypress plant if this continues to be a problem in the landscape.

Leaves Tell Important Information

Leaves tell a lot about the tree. They are also the primary source of food for the tree. Purple or yellow leaves are slower growing than green leaved cultivars. The leaves of mulberry or magnolia can be so thick that it is difficult to grow grass or plants underneath them. In the fall, there is less sunlight and leaves change colors and drop. Some oak trees seem to hang on to dead leaves throughout the winter. This is normal. You can also see signs of insect damage and disease in the leaves. It is recommended that homeowners rake the leaves in the fall. This prevents spread of disease on plants and trees.

Leaves are great for the compost pile. If your red maple or pin oak tree has off-color leaves it could be a sign of chlorosis. It is suffering due to a lack of a needed nutrient. Injections can help green it back up. Sometimes leaves will be smaller on trees that are in defense mode. Digging around tree roots can cause a great deal of damage. Trees will put more energy into surviving than growth, so the leaves will be smaller than normal.

Lastly, and most important of all, like I said before, leaves are the primary food source. Trimming should never remove more than 1/3 of the leaves or branches. The tree needs this energy to survive. If you have a company top your tree, then they are removing the necessary component for life for the tree. It might not die this year, but eventually, it will. Keep your trees around for many years and do not "top"!

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